This website itself. Written in Markdown, Tera, and HTML5/CSS3/JS and generated by Zola through Cloudflare Pages.

Lose at Hangman

Rust Lose at Hangman Lose at Hangman GitHub

Hangman guessing engine, written in Rust and Javascript, hosted on Oracle Cloud


Jupyter Watertable Watertable GitHub

Data visualization and collation for aquifer status

Vaccine Predictor

Jupyter Vaccine Predictor GitHub

Data analysis and forecasting for COVID-19 vaccine availability


Python Starboard GitHub

Discord bot for permissions-friendly pinnability

Rush Hour

Java Rush Hour GitHub

Solves the common sliding block puzzle Rush Hour


JavaScript Phaser Phaser GitHub

Video game development using the Phaser JavaScript framework.



A tensor core, similar to those found in machine learning-focused products from the likes of Nvidia, written in VHDL.


C++ IoT GitHub

Software lead on an IoT pet feeder. This involved systems design, interacting with cloud services and an Android app, and writing lots of C++. As software lead, my role also involved coordination between teammates, project management, and "devops" such as showing people Git.

3D Printer

CAD model of an innovative multi-axis FDM 3D printer, to produce objects with less supports and more resistance to delamination. This was a capstone project for an engineering design class. I used Autodesk Inventor to model and simulate the design.